Captures Run Off for Filtration and Re-use Before Discharge

The WashMaster is a complete wash rack package designed for industrial users who require cleaning and degreasing of large parts, assemblies or equipment within their facility. With its 100% water reclamation system, the WashMaster?

Removes solids and oils from the reclaimed water, treats it with ozone, and then holds the water in a tank for reuse. This helps keep your operation compliant with wash water containment and discharge regulations.

  • Low-profile ramp for safe entry, even for low-clearance scissor lifts and forklifts
  • Steel deck with diamond tread non-slip surface
  • Ideal in MRO, production and rebuild areas
  • Available in optional rack sizes to fit your specific requirements
  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • Minimizes water and cleaning solvent use
  • Use your own pressure washer
  • 6 ft. walls prevent overspray
  • Complete filtration/treatment system
  • Covered trough

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